The new Justice League trailer declares itself to be the coming of the age of heroes, but there’s another group of superheroes who aren’t too happy to see the DC comics legends team-up on the big screen.

At least, that’s what this fan video imagines, in a mash-up of the Justice League trailer and Avengers: Age of Ultron footage.

Fans love pitting superheroes against superheroes. Before the Justice League even offered glimpses of our soon-to-be superhero team, there were fan trailers imagining what the biggest stand-off in superhero cinematic history would be, piecing together clips from MCU movies with slapdash footage from Batman v. Superman and the DC comic book TV shows.

But now that the trailer for the much-anticipated Justice League finally dropped this weekend, fans have all the fodder they need for a good old-fashioned YouTube mash-up. And sure enough, they were quick to step up to the challenge.