Technically the Red Skull could still be alive and well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last time we saw him was at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger when he grabbed the Cosmic Cube and disappeared in a flash of energy. I believe that Red Skull still is around and that he could eventually reemerge. When previously talking about the possible return of the character, actor Hugo Weaving said:

“With Marvel, it’s pretty basic stuff: accept the deal and enjoy the ride. It’s not a major stretch for an actor, but on the other hand the difficulty with the Marvel universe is maintaining a link to a human dimension within such an extraordinary, technological CGI universe. In terms of me going back and doing another one, I don’t know. I’m not sure what they’re up to with the Red Skull.”

Samuel L. Jackson may know something about what’s going on with the Red Skull, though. In a recent interview with Hot 97, the actor hinted that Nick Fury might be trying to figure out what the villain is up to. This is his direct quote:

“You didn’t see me in Civil War. I’m still out there trying to figure out what, you know, The Skull is going to…”

And at that point, he’s cut off! No one followed up with him on the whole Skull comment! I have no idea if this is for sure a reference to the Red Skull, but he’s the only skull character I know of that exists in the MCU, so you tell me.

If the Red Skull is still alive in the MCU, he could show up again at any time. If it does happen, I imagine it won’t be until we see a fourth Captain America film if it ever happens. That just seems like it would be the most appropriate place for the return of the villain, but who knows. Maybe Jackson had no idea what in the hell he was talking about.

You can watch Jackson make the comment in the video below around the 30:20 mark. What are your thoughts on his comment?