A new clip from Power Rangers has arrived. The big screen reboot of the much-loved ’90s TV show hits theaters later this month, and this new clip sees Zack take the giant Mastodon Zord out for a test drive. Check it out above.

This is the second clip to be released recently.

In a recent interview, Power Rangers director Dean Israelite spoke about the decision to give the Mastodon Zord eight legs, as opposed to four as in the TV show.

“The idea is the Zords are machines that take on the form of the most powerful organisms of the planet they’re on,” he told Collider. “When these Zords came to Earth, dinosaurs reigned supreme and so they took on the image and the spirit of these dinosaurs–that’s the mythology that we’ve put into the movie. But in the concept that we’ve created they’re meant to be inspired by those animals–not an actual, literal, version of it, and so we decided we wanted to take certain liberties, too.

“The other component of it is almost more of a practical component. We look at these renderings and we create a 3D space and we look at how they should move, and you learn a lot from that. And the Mastodon is so big that we realized that with added legs it would just move better in a CG environment, and we’d be able to make it a more nimble machine. So it felt kind of like practical; if you were an alien creating this machine, you would want those added limbs.”

Power Rangers opens on March 24. It stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, and Ludi Lin as the Rangers. Bryan Cranston portrays the Rangers’ mentor, Zordon, while Elizabeth Banks plays villainous Rita Repulsa.