Don’t expect the Transformers film franchise to go away anytime soon. As you know Paramount Pictures hired a team of writers to develop more films in the franchise, which include the upcoming Bumblebee solo film.

According to Yahoo! UK, Micahel Bay confirmed that the writing team they put together have already come up with fourteen stories that they’ve also outlined. That doesn’t mean that all fourteen movies are going to get made, but I imagine a few of them will eventually find their way into production.

Bay has said time and time again that Transformers: The Last Knight will be his final film in the franchise and he’s promising to go out on a high note. I’ve actually seen a good chunk of footage from the film already, and I won’t lie… I wasn’t impressed.

It’ll be interesting to see what other directors the studio hires to develop these new films in the Transformers franchise. I’ve never really been 100% invested in Bay’s Transformers films and I kinda hope that bringing new blood into the franchise to take it over will offer fans something fresh and different from what we’ve been given throughout the course of the fracnhise.