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Ben Affleck and DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns are teaming up to write an Untitled Batman Reboot, which the actor will also star in as Batman and direct. Warner Bros. and DC apparently have much bigger plans for Ben Affleck's Batman. There are claims that studio is now developing a new Batman trilogy of stand alone Dark Knight movies, in which Affleck would direct and star in.

Ben Affleck No Longer Directing Batman Zack Snyder Batman Fight

Ben Affleck Reportedly Doesn’t Want to Be Batman Anymore

It was recently reported that Warner Bros. offered The Batman directing gig to Matt Reeves (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). He will...
Warner The Batman

Warner Bros. Asked Affleck To Delay All Non-Dc Projects

Before leaving the director's chair of Warner Bros. The Batman, the studio asked the actor/writer/director to delay his work on outside projects to focus...
Ben Affleck No Longer Directing Batman Zack Snyder Batman Fight

Fans Launch Petition For Zack Snyder to Direct The Batman

A fan of the DC Cinematic Universe have launched a petition for Justice League director Zack Snyder to take over as director of The...
Ben Affleck Batman Justice League

Justice League Writer Treated The Batman Script With Rewrite

The past day has been a turbulent one for DC fans around the world. After much hype and anticipation, news broke that Ben Affleck...
The Batman Ben Affleck

George Miller as Potential Directors For The Batman

As you all know by now, Ben Affleck has stepped down as the director for The Batman because it was too daunting a task...
Kevin Smith The Batman Direct

Fans Rally Around Kevin Smith to Direct The Batman

Last night news broke that Ben Affleck stepped down as the director of The Batman for the good of the film, could Kevin Smith...
Ben Affleck No Longer Directing Batman Zack Snyder Batman Fight

Ben Affleck No Longer Directing The Batman

Ben Affleck said that if he couldn't put together a story and script for The Batman that he was happy with he wouldn't direct...





High-Res Photos From Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming

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