Stan Lee - 1

Stan Lee Gives Health Update Following 2 Con Cancellations

Following the cancellation of two major convention appearances the past two weekends, Stan Lee has given an update as to his health. On Facebook,...
Jim Lee - 1

Classic Jim Lee Covers Get ‘remastered’ For X-Men Blue And Gold Variants

"Iconic Jim Lee X-Men Artwork – Remastered and Recolored!" This April, ResurrXion is taking the X-Men to new heights as the eagerly anticipated X-MEN GOLD...
Dark Knight - 1

Dark Knight Fallen In New Batman #21 Covers For ‘The Button’ Crossover

Here’s a first look at two additional variant covers by Tim Sale and Mikel Janin for Dark Knight Batman #21. This issue, scheduled to...
Emma Frost - 1

Emma Frost Leads New X-Men Team Against Secret Empire

Another Secret Empire tie-in one-shot has been revealed, bringing Emma Frost from the shocking events of Inhuman vs. X-Men's finale into the new summer...
Emerald Comics Distribution

A New Comic Book Distributor Emerald Comics Distribution

A new Seattle-based company has been established that one day hopes to offer competition to the predominant distributor of comic books in North America,...



Justice League - 2

Batman Gets His Own Justice League Teaser

Another teaser for Saturday's new Justice League trailer has been released, this one focused on none other than Batman. Check it out: Braver United #JusticeLeague #Batman #UniteTheLeague...
Justice League - 1

The Justice League Assemble In New Trailer Teaser

A new trailer for the DC team-up Justice League is due this weekend. In advance of that, a short teaser focusing on Aquaman has...




Watch The Cast Of Sesame Street Amusingly Read Famous Movie Quotes

Sesame Streetvideo
A lot of us grew up watching Sesame Street, which helped us learn to read, write, count...

Deadpool Is About to Pull the Old Facehugger Prank on Spider-Man in Funny Photo

Spider-Man Deadpool - 1
Deadpool's always been quite the prankster, and he's about to pull the ultimate facehugger prank on Spider-Man...


Instagram - 1

Instagram finally offers two-factor authentication for everyone

Instagram announced today that two-factor authentication is available to everyone who uses its app, and all we have to say is “Well, it’s about...
Youtube - 1

After YouTube boycott, Google pulls ads of offensive content

Google is pulling display ads from being placed alongside a wider range of content on YouTube and other sites, in the wake of a...
Google Maps - 1

Google Maps can now save your parking spot

Google Maps just added a small but useful update: It can now save where you parked. As first spotted by Ars Technica, the latest Android...
Netflix - 1

Netflix new button lets you skip your show’s intro sequence

Netflix appears to be rolling out a button that allows you to skip a shows intro sequence, as spotted by The Verge. It turns...

LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a tool for mocking internet traffic

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals that is now owned by Microsoft, is making one of the tools that it has developed in-house for...
Alexa - 1

Amazon adds Alexa to its main shopping app

Amazon’s virtual assistant just got a much wider audience. The company announced it’s integrating Alexa into its main shopping app on iPhone, starting today...
Facebook Stories - 1

Facebook Stories, yet another Snapchat clone

Facebook is introducing yet another feature that clones Snapchat Stories to its massive global userbase called Facebook Stories. Facebook Stories, a feature that puts photos...



Supergirl & Superman Throw Down In Injustice 2 Trailer

A new Injustice 2 video delves into the backstory of the game's Supergirl, pitting her against both Black Adam and even her own cousin,...
Nintendo Switch Broken - 1

Nintendo offers fix for Switch but won’t admit it’s broken

Nintendo, officially, doesn’t have a problem with Switch Joy-Cons. It does, however, have a fix for the problem it, uh, doesn’t have? By and large,...
Sonic Forcesvideo

Sonic Forces Debut Gameplay Video

Sega has released the first gameplay video for Sonic Forces, the game formerly known as Project Sonic 2017. The video shows the Blue Blur bolting...
Mario Sports Superstarsvideo

New Mario Sports Superstars Video Shows Off The 5 Sports

Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming 3DS game Mario Sports Superstars. The video shows off the game's five sports, including baseball,...
Resident Evil Revelations - 1

Resident Evil: Revelations Coming To PS4/Xbox One

Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to new platforms. Capcom announced today that the game, originally released in 2012 for Nintendo 3DS, will launch for...
Hacker - Switch

Hacker release proof-of-concept Nintendo Switch jailbreak

In what amounts to an innocuous but important proof-of-concept, a hacker called qwertyoruiopz has released a pseduo-jailbreak that allows you to run arbitrary code...
PlayStation Now - 1

PlayStation Now, you’ll soon be able to play PS4 games on your PC

Sony just announced that PlayStation 4 games are coming soon to the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. It means that gamers will be able...


Creed - 1

Assassin’s Creed TV Series Is On The Way

Ubisoft has revealed that it is working on an Assassin's Creed TV series. Assassin's Creed head of content Aymar Azaizia confirmed this during a...
Kevin Smithvideo

Trailer for Supergirl Episode “Distant Sun” Directed By Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is back to direct for The CW, and you know what that means...good episodes! Not that Supergirl hasn't been awesome, but it...